Near-lynching: Jerusalem Arabs attack flag-bearing Israelis, arrested

An Arab mob beat the victim with Palestinian flags. Another had managed to escape.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

IDF soldiers arrested on Saturday five Arabs suspected of attacking Jews who were marching with flags at Nebi Samuel – the site traditionally recognized as the Prophet Samuel’s grave, just north of the capital’s Ramot neighborhood – the previous day.

Police stated that five residents of the area, ranging in age from their 20s to 50s, were arrested for questioning by the Jerusalem District Police.

The incident was described by several witnesses as an attempted lynching.

Footage of the incident shows the assault of two Israelis who were carrying Israeli flags by a mob of Arabs carrying Palestinian flags. One Israeli managed to escape while the other was knocked to the ground and viciously beaten until Border Police troops arrived at the scene.

The victim was lightly wounded and refused hospitalization, 124News reported.

The arrested suspects were taken to the police station for questioning.

At the beginning of the week, it is expected that the suspects will be taken to the Military Court to discuss their case, and the investigation will continue “with the aim of bringing those involved in the act to justice.”

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“The Israel Police will continue to work with the security forces for a determined and uncompromising fight against violence and bullying of any kind for the sake of public peace and security,” the police stated.

World Israel News contributed to this report.