Netanyahu congratulates Hungarian PM on election to third term

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by telephone with Hungary’s Viktor Orban, congratulating him on the outcome of Sunday’s general elections.

By: World Israel News Staff

Hungary’s right-wing Fidesz party notched a decisive victory in a parliamentary election on Sunday, providing Prime Minister Viktor Orban an opportunity to further confront the European Union on a number of policies, including the hot-button migrant issue.

Fidesz and its ally, the Christian Democrat party, garnered a two-thirds majority, leading Orban to describe the election’s outcome as a “decisive victory.” The Jobbik party, which promotes a nationalist agenda and has been deemed a “far right” party by many, placed second with 26 seats, leaving a left-wing coalition to settle for 20 seats and third place.

Orban’s campaign for a third consecutive term included sustained criticism of EU policy on migrants, with specific accusations leveled at philanthropist George Soros, whom Orban’s party publicly accused of conspiring to influence Hungary’s stance on immigrants. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched similar accusations against Soros with regard to Israel’s ongoing illegal migrant issue.

Fidesz spokesman Janos Halasz touted a “Stop Soros” legislative strategy aimed at confronting what the party describes as foreign agents undermining Hungarian values and interests.

Following his victory, Orban received congratulations from world leaders, including Netanyahu, who spoke with Orban by telephone on Monday, inviting the Hungarian leader to visit Israel and thanking him for Hungary’s support for the Jewish state on various international forums.