Netanyahu demands public confrontation with his accusers

Netanyahu demanded the opportunity to confront the state’s witness on TV so that the public will “learn the truth” about the ongoing investigations against him.

By World Israel News Staff

On Monday evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directly addressed the Israeli public concerning the corruption cases against him, proclaiming his innocence and demanding the opportunity to confront his accusers face-to-face and in public

“I am repeating my request tonight to confront state’s witnesses, I’m willing for it to be live streamed for the public to hear the full truth. I’m confident in my truth,” he said, saying he had repeatedly demanded that he be allowed to confront state witnesses but was time and again refused. “Why do they refuse to give it to me?” he asked.

“Today, I repeat that demand,” Netanyahu said.

“The judicial system is one of the foundations of Israeli democracy. There are judges in Jerusalem. That’s how it has been and that is how it will be,” he said.

Regarding accusations of bribery, “what are they talking about? Money, bank accounts… It’s absurd…. “I know the truth. I am 4,000 percent sure of it.”

Left-wing conspiracy?

“Citizens of Israel, the left cannot beat us at the ballot so they’re looking for other ways to bring down the right,” Netanyahu said, repeating the refrain that the cases against him were cooked up by his political opponents.

“I could have ended this persecution against me and my family that has been going on for years by dividing Jerusalem … but I will never do it. I’ll continue to defend Israel’s security. I’ll continue to demand truth and justice,” Netanyahu said.

In a statement after the broadcast, Israel’s Justice Ministry said:

“All the interrogations that were carried out in the probes pertaining the prime minister were done in a professional manner and with the accompaniment of the Tel Aviv Prosecutor’s Office as well as the state prosecutor and the attorney general.

“Everything was done according to professional considerations that lead the management of an investigation to seek out the truth,” it read.