Netanyahu: France funding anti-Israel organizations

Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed France’s double standard in its war against the funding of terrorism and incitement. “Terror is terror everywhere,” he stressed. 

France is financing organizations that fight against Israel, and Israel has exposed proof of these actions, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged on Sunday during the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Netanyahu said that Israel was shocked by the “vicious terrorist attack in France” last week in which Islamic terrorists murdered a priest in a Normandy church before they were shot by police forces.

In wake of a string of Islamic attacks in France, Paris has reportedly been discussing ways to prevent the foreign financing of bodies that harm the security of French citizens, including funding by Muslim countries of mosques in France that incite to terrorism against the West.

“This sounds familiar to us. We are also disturbed by such donations to organizations that deny the State of Israel’s right to exist,” said Netanyahu, relating to millions of dollars given annually by foreign entities, mostly European countries, to organizations that operate to alter Israel’s identity as a Jewish state or work against Israel’s existence.

Israel has passed legislation to curb the phenomenon and has approached the governments on this troubling issue.

“I have requested a preliminary inquiry” into the matter, Netanyahu said. “In this inquiry we found support from European countries, including France, for several organizations that engage in incitement, call for a boycott of Israel and do not recognize the State of Israel’s right to exist.”

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Israel will complete the inquiry and submit the findings to the French government, Netanyahu said.

“We will discuss this with them because terror is terror everywhere and incitement is incitement which, apparently, encompasses the world, governments must be as united as possible in dealing with them,” he concluded, demanding act against anti-Israel activism with the same force it acts against anti-French activism.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News