Netanyahu: Israel building missiles to reach entire region

The IAI is developing “offensive missiles” that “can reach anywhere in the area and any target,” Netanyahu said.

By: Jack Gold, World Israel News

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday visited the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and was updated on the company’s latest innovations and developments.

“IAI knows how to reach anywhere for the benefit of the people of Israel. Decide and we will go anywhere we like. The sky is the limit,” IAI Chairman Harel Locker said during the prime minister’s tour.

Netanyahu also said that the IAI is developing “offensive missiles” that “can reach anywhere in the area and any target.”

Locker, IAI CEO Nimrod Sheffer and other senior officials presented Netanyahu with ways to “strengthen IAI and benefit the national security of the State of Israel,” a statement by Netanyahu’s office said.

Netanyahu lauded the IAI as “an accumulation of very talented minds and people here who are developing the cutting edge of the defense of the State of Israel, from micro-satellites that we will launch into space to missiles … Space is a huge sphere that the State of Israel is entering.”

“This is the offensive power of the State of Israel which is very important for us in all sectors. They are developing weapons systems here with special capabilities that no other country has,” he said.

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Locker told Netanyahu that he has “seen and heard here a little of our abilities. This is the realization of the Jewish genius to its fullest.”