Netanyahu: Israeli ties around the world are better than ever

Speaking of recent diplomatic accomplishments the PM tells the Knesset: ”There is no precedent for this in our history. Any intelligent person can see this. These opportunities were not created; we are creating them.”  

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu highlighted Israel’s many diplomatic successes, which were achieved by the government he leads and which are “turning Israel into a rising world force.”

Netanyahu’s remarks came during a special Knesset session on Monday after the opposition collected the 40 signatures required to force the Prime Minister’s presence at the plenum.  His address on “political challenges the  in light of new opportunities,” Netanyahu emphasized Israel’s blossoming diplomatic ties with several countries.

“Yesterday I received a very warm letter from letter from [US President Donald Trump], who thanked me for Israel’s support of the US’ stance against the Iranian nuclear program,” Netanyahu said.  “A week ago I received a letter from [Chinese President Xi Jinping] in which he praised the special bond that is being created between China and Israel.”

Netanyahu also said he recently spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on matters concerning Israel’s security, and noted that in a few weeks he is scheduled to visit India.

The Prime Minister said that over the weekend he held a phone conversation with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, ”a conversation that was important for the security of both countries.”

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As another example the Prime Minister noted that earlier in the day he hosted  a special emissary of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, who invited him to visit Japan and informed him that Japanese investments in Israel have increased 20-fold over the past three years.

”All these examples are just a small sample. We are turning Israel into a rising world force,” said Netanyahu. ”There is no precedent for this in our history. Any intelligent person can see this. These opportunities were not created; we are creating them by nurturing our economic and technological strength and by freeing the market.”

Over the past year, Netanyahu has visited Kazakhstan, Singapore, Australia, Azerbaijan and several countries in Latin America. For the first three countries, it was the first visit by an Israeli premier.

”We’ve been nurturing military and intelligence power,” Netanyahu continued. ”This necessitates a great deal of money, which also comes from growth. The combination of technological-economic power, with military-intelligence power, create the third power that is international power—a great international, diplomatic power the likes of which Israel has never had.”

”Countries are lining up to improve their ties with us,” he said. ”Gentlemen, let’s agree once and for all the there is no diplomatic tsunami or diplomatic isolation, but a diplomatic renaissance,” Netanyahu declared, countering  claims by the opposition that Israel is close to facing  an international “diplomatic tsunami”  that results in diplomatic isolation.  “Compared to what is happening in the region – we are not missing opportunities, but creating them,” the premier stated

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Netanyahu touched on efforts to improve relations with Saudi Arabia. “For obvious reasons, I cannot divulge the details of everything we’re doing to tighten relations with various entities around us.  We stand shoulder to shoulder with moderate nations in the Arab world, be it against Iran or ISIS. This is good for security and I believe it will eventually also be good for peace.”

”My friends in the opposition,” said Netanyahu. ”Hearing your speeches of admonishment, I have to tell you that honestly, there’s nothing new here. You’ve wanted me to leave this position from the first day after I was elected. That’s how it was the first time, the second, the third and the fourth. I wonder what it’ll be like the fifth time. What excuse will it be? So really, there’s nothing new here, only the excuse changes. But what can you do? Prime ministers are only replaced at the voting booths.”