Netanyahu: Only two issues on agenda during trip to Europe, ‘Iran and Iran’

“I will meet with three leaders and I will raise two issues there: Iran and Iran,” Netanyahu stated upon leaving for Europe. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left on Monday for a round of diplomatic meetings in Berlin, Paris and London with the future of the Iran nuclear deal in focus.

The Israeli premier will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday and British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday.

In London, Netanyahu will also hold discussions with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and members of Parliament.

Prior to boarding his flight, Netanyahu said he was “leaving on an important visit to Europe. I will meet with three leaders and I will raise two issues there: Iran and Iran.”

He stressed the necessity to “continue the pressure on Iran against its nuclear program.”

“I believe that this pressure should be increased. It could be that there is not full agreement on this at the moment but in my opinion, such an understanding will take shape,” he stated.

Another issue Netanyahu will raise with the European leaders is “blocking Iran’s aggression in the region, especially its attempts to establish a military presence against us in Syria and attack us from there.”

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“On this issue I hope to form an agreed-upon policy,” he stated.

The Europeans have been struggling to salvage the nuclear deal since US President Donald Trump’s announcement last month that the US is withdrawing from the pact.

Israel is hoping that the American withdrawal will lead the European leaders to address the deal’s shortcomings, including “sunset” provisions that end restrictions on Iranian nuclear activities in less than a decade as well as permitting Iran to continue developing long-range missiles that could eventually deliver nuclear warheads to targets around the globe.

Netanyahu last week spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin and American Secretary of State Pompeo about Iran’s military buildup in Syria.

Israel has long been concerned about the Iranian military buildup in Syria and views it as a severe threat to its security.

“These are meetings with three very important leaders in Europe. I think that it is a good thing that I have a very personal, close and very good connection with them. This is important for the State of Israel,” Netanyahu underscored.