Netanyahu: Paris conference ‘distances peace’

While France claims its sole intention is to promote peace, Netanyahu says that the Paris conference does exactly the opposite.

French Foreign Minister Jean Marc Ayrault said that France’s intention in sponsoring an international summit in Paris is to set guidelines for Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to implement a two-state solution.

“France doesn’t have intention other than promoting peace,” Ayrault stated, adding that France aims to provide an atmosphere in which there will be “new chances for dialogue” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  “The situation is such that there’s no time to waste,” he said at the launch of the summit on Sunday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly objected to the conference, noting the absence of direct talks between the parties as well as any participation by Israel and the PA in framing the guidelines of the summit in Paris.

“(The conference) is coordinated between the French and the Palestinians with the goal to impose on Israel conditions that do not correspondent with our national needs,” said Netanyahu during his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. “It also distances peace as it hardens Palestinians conditions and also keeps them away from direct negotiations without preconditions.”

The summit in Paris takes place during the week of US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. Trump has made it clear that he fully endorses a US foreign policy that prevents international organizations from imposing terms on Israel.

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By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News