Netanyahu questioned again by police over alleged corruption

Netanyahu was questioned again by police over suspicions that he received illegal gifts.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned under caution by police for the second time on Thursday evening at his official residence in Jerusalem over suspicions that he received illegal gifts – the second time in four days.

Netanyahu’s lawyer, Yaacov Weinroth, stated that his client can rest assured there is “nothing of substance” in the allegations.

Regarding the second investigation, Weinroth said it does not involve money, a loan or anything representing a criminal offense. He reiterated Netanyahu’s position that the allegations are “baseless.”

Israeli media reported Saturday night that one of the allegations against Netanyahu is that he received, over the course of several years gifts, hundreds of thousands of shekels from Israeli businessman and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, including expensive cigars and pink champagne for his wife Sara.

Netanyahu, according to the allegations, asked Secretary of State John Kerry three times in 2014 to intervene on behalf of Milchan and arrange a long-term visa for him to live in the US.

Milchan did ultimately receive a visa.

At the core of investigation is the question of whether there has been an illegal conflict of interest.

There is nothing criminal about giving cigars to a good friend, Netanyahu’s lawyer said.

By: United with Israel Staff