Netanyahu rejects plea deal with ‘turpitude’: ‘I will continue fighting for truth and justice’

The former Israeli PM thanked his supporters and promised to continue leading the Likud Party.

By Zevi Pilzer, World Israel News

Head of the Israeli government opposition and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday evening that he will not agree to the plea agreement that was offered to him by the Israeli court.

Netanyahu, who is charged with three separate corruption cases, was offered a plea bargain in which he would be sentenced to community service, but not serve time in jail. In addition, the deal would include a “turpitude” clause which would end his career, banning him from returning to politics.

Ever since the first time these corruption cases came up, Netanyahu, who served as Israel’s Prime Minister, immediately rejected the allegations and claimed that they are completely false.

Even when Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit accepted police recommendations to indict Netanyahu on the three charges, the Israeli PM kept pleading innocent.

On Saturday, January 15, 2022, a right-wing journalist and former MK Yinon Magal launched a crowdfunding campaign in which he called upon the citizens of Israel to donate money to Netanyahu, which would serve him with his long court trial and will encourage him to reject the plea deal.

The campaign was a massive success, raising millions of shekels within only a few days.

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In a statement released Monday evening, Netanyahu publicly addressed the matter for the first time since reaching headlines.

“Dear citizens of Israel, in recent days you have proved again that I do not walk alone, and that millions of you walk alongside me. I will continue leading the Likud [party] and the national camp, and on your mission – lead the state of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

The head of the opposition added that there have been false publications in the media, such as the claim that he has agreed to the turpitude clause in the deal that will prevent him from returning to politics. “That is simply not true,” he stated.

“Your tremendous support has warmed my heart, as well as the heart of my family. It gives me further strength to lead you and fight for our way, for truth and for justice,” Netanyahu concluded his statement.