Netanyahu says ‘delusional’ Hamas demands in hostage deal would ‘be refused by anyone’

Hamas’s terms included the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, the withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza and ultimately a permanent ceasefire. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

In a press conference on Wednesday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Hamas’ terms for accepting a hostage release deal were “delusional” and that “anyone would refuse them.”

In response to the framework agreement negotiated 10 days ago in Paris by Egypt, Qatar, the US and Israel, Hamas said it would release Israeli prisoners only in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and a four and a half month ceasefire requiring a total withdrawal of Israeli troops and ultimately a permanent ceasefire, ending the war.

Responding to a journalist asking about the terms Hamas demanded, including the release of convicted terrorists who murdered Israelis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded, “From what I saw, even you would say no” to Hamas’s offer.

He strongly rejected Hamas’s terms and said Israel would agree to nothing less than a “total victory” over Hamas which he said could be achieved “within months.”

“We won’t settle for less,” he added.

Netanyahu stressed that only military pressure would result in hostage releases and the prevention of a similar attack like October 7th from happening again.

“Surrendering to Hamas’s delusional demands . . . if Hamas survives in Gaza, it will not only not lead to the release of the hostages, but will invite another massacre,” he said.

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“The evil axis of Iran and its affiliates will continue unhindered in its campaign of killing and aggression,” Netanyahu explained.

He added, “We have no obligation to the crazy terms Hamas is talking about.. including the part about [releasing terrorists] with “blood on their hands.”

Now there is supposed to be “a process of negotiation through mediators but from what I have seen, Hamas is not there.” he concluded.

The Hamas terms for the hostage agreement include a four and a half  month pause in fighting, which is intended to ultimately lead to a permanent ceasefire to secure the release of the last group of hostages, including the men and the bodies of deceased captives.

During the first phase of the ceasefire, Hamas demands more humanitarian aid including fuel and the withdrawal of Israeli troops including surveillance.  It also includes the release of female and teenage Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the elderly, wounded and female prisoners.