Netanyahu to Abbas: It is terror whether here or in France

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas for his hypocrisy regarding terrorism, which Netanyahu said Abbas condemns in France, but encourages and supports in Israel.

The PA issued condemnations and condolences in wake of the ISIS truck attack in Nice, in which 84 people were murdered and some 200 were wounded.

The official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that Abbas condemned the attack “in the strongest terms” and “declared his solidarity with the French people and the families of the victims.”

Speaking during the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu pointed to the insincerity in Abbas’ words. “Here [Palestinian terrorism in Israel], not only do they not condemn vehicular terrorism, they encourage it. They glorify the terrorists responsible and finance them and their families if the terrorists are dead.”

Over the past 10 months, Palestinian terrorists have carried out some 45 such vehicular attacks.

“Terrorism is terrorism, whether it is in France or Israel, and there must be a unified approach of condemnation and war on this terrorism – here and everywhere else,” the Israeli premier demanded.

Netanyahu said that the “shocking terrorist attack in Nice” underscores the need “for a unified and aggressive approach in the face of the murderous terrorism that is attacking the entire world.”

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On Friday, Netanyahu issued a statement condemning the “horrific” attack on revelers in Nice. He said the attack was a reminder that “terrorism can strike anywhere and must be fought everywhere.” He said Israel was prepared to help France “fight this evil until it is defeated.”

Turkey Reconciliation to Go Through

Also during the weekly meeting, Netanyahu said that the reconciliation agreement recently signed between Israel and Turkey would be upheld and implemented, the coup attempt Ankara experienced over the weekend notwithstanding.

“Israel and Turkey recently agreed on a reconciliation process between them. We assume that this process will continue without any connection to the dramatic events in Turkey over the weekend,” he stated.

A statement from the Israeli Foreign Ministry following the failed coup attempt said it respects the democratic process in Turkey and looks forward to the continued reconciliation between the countries.

Israel and Turkey recently struck a broad reconciliation pact to restore diplomatic relations after six years of animosity between the once-close Mideast powers.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News