‘Dead men walking: They only have two options: Surrender or die’

Rejecting calls for early end to Gaza operation, Israeli prime minister vows war will continue until Hamas eliminated and hostages freed.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Israel’s prime minister pushed back Tuesday on calls for Israel to wrap up its ongoing ground operation in the Gaza Strip, vowing to continue the war “until victory” has been achieved.

In a video statement released Tuesday evening, Netanyahu said Israel would not cave to pressure to prematurely end the fighting in Gaza, and called predictions of an impending cessation of hostilities “detached from reality.”

The war, Netanyahu said, will continue until Israel achieves its goals, including the “elimination” of the Hamas terrorist organization and the return of all Israeli captives held in the Gaza Strip.

“We are continuing the war to the end. It will continue until Hamas is eliminated – until victory.”

“Whoever thinks that we will stop is detached from reality. We will not stop the fighting until all of the goals that we have set are achieved: The elimination of Hamas, the release of our hostages and the removal of the threat from Gaza.”

Addressing Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Netanyahu offered two options: capitulation, or death.

“We are attacking Hamas with fierce fire, everywhere, including today. We are also attacking their accomplices near and far.”

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All Hamas terrorists, from the first to the last, are dead men walking. They have only two possibilities: Surrender or die.”

Netanyahu made the statement amid rumors of a possible deal between Israel and Hamas – brokered by Qatar – for a one or two-week ceasefire in exchange for the release of additional hostages.

This week, the foreign ministers of Britain and Germany penned an op-ed piece calling for a “sustainable” ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, the first call by the two countries for an end to the war.

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also offered his backing for a quick end to the conflict, saying that the Biden administration will seek a cessation of hostilities “as quickly as possible” in the new year.