Netanyahu touts ‘resilience of Israeli economy’ amid virus threats

The prime minister held high-level economic meetings at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem on Tuesday to address the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

By World Israel News Staff

Shortly before Israel’s Health Ministry announced three new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number in Israel to 61, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held economic discussions at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem related to the crisis.

Netanyahu met with the finance minister, the economy and industry minister, and the governor of the Bank of Israel, among others, in order “to ensure the resilience of the economy,” said a statement from the prime minister’s office.

“The Israeli economy is in an excellent situation,” said Netanyahu.

“We are entering the corona crisis and our situation is better than most countries around the world, he added. “We have taken steps, such as establishing a NIS 4 billion fund to help businesses that have been hurt by the coronavirus. At this time we are working to add additional money.”

Netanyahu also addressed runs on basic goods at stores in various nations around the world.

“Regarding supplies, most supplies to the State of Israel come by sea – products, raw materials, all these things, including food. Almost all food comes by sea so there is no reason to storm the supermarkets. There is more than enough food and there will be more than enough food,” said the prime minister.

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“Regarding supplies by air, we are taking all steps and measures at our disposal to ensure that here too there will be an orderly supply by air to Israel,” he concluded.