Netanyahu urges French president: Join the fight against Iran

Netanyahu welcomed the French president to Jerusalem and asked him to join in pressuring Iran.

By World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem. Their meeting was described as “warm and friendly.”

The prime minister called on the French president to join the pressure and sanctions against Iran, following its steps in the nuclear sphere and its aggressive actions in the region.

The two discussed the situation in Lebanon and Hezbollah’s project to manufacture precision missiles. They also discussed developments in Libya in light of the Turkish involvement.

Netanyahu and Macron decided to establish a strategic dialogue in order to continue strengthening bilateral cooperation and to achieve the objectives regarding regional issues.

Netanyahu congratulated Macron on France’s request to join the regional gas forum that was established in Cairo, in conjunction with Israel, which is cooperating in the area of natural gas in the region and the export of gas from Israel.

“We agreed to establish a strategic dialogue between Israel and France so as to allow us to continue cooperating vis-à-vis common interests. This is a very important change in Israeli foreign policy. It could assist us regarding things that are very important to the security of the state,” Netanyahu said.

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Netanyahu also praised Macron for his “steadfast position against anti-Semitism.”

The prime minister asked Macron to delve into the matter of the murderer of Sarah Halimi. Halimi was murdered by her neighbor, Kobili Traoré, a native of Mali, on April 4, 2017. He shouted Allahu Akbar and “I killed the Satan” during the murder.

In July, a French judge ruled that Traore, 27, is probably not criminally responsible for the murder of Halimi, 65, because he had smoked marijuana beforehand.

Netanyahu also asked Macron to help in the extradition of a murderer to France who killed Jews there and is now in Ramallah.

Macron promised to look into both issues.