Netanyahu warns of ‘forceful response’ after Palestinians launch rockets and attack drone

Netanyahu warned Gazan terrorists after rockets and an attack drone were launched into southern Israel on Friday and Saturday, causing no injuries or deaths.

By World Israel News and AP

After  Palestinian terrorists sent five rockets and an explosive-laden drone from Gaza into Israeli territory following a day of violent rioting along the border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a warning to the faction presumed responsible for the attacks.

“Hamas is responsible for all aggression emanating from the Gaza Strip. Any attempt to harm our citizens and our soldiers will be met with a forceful response,” Netanyahu declared in a statement on Saturday, according to Times of Israel.

There were no reports of injuries and no Palestinian group claimed responsibility for the rockets on Friday.

On Saturday, Palestinians sent an explosive device into Israel using a drone, which reportedly damaged an army vehicle. Following that attack, the IDF launched a counter-strikes on positions in Gaza.

In the past, the Hamas terror group and its sometime rival Islamic Jihad have taken credit for deadly rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. Both groups are funded and armed by Iran, using hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid from the Islamic Republic to continue their terror programs targeting Israelis.

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Earlier in the day on Friday, Palestinians violently rioted along the border as part of a Hamas-orchestrated campaign targeting Israeli soldiers with sniper fire, explosives, and attempts to infiltrate Israeli territory to commit attacks within southern Israel.

Two Palestinian rioters were killed on Friday by IDF troops defending the border.

According to the Israeli military, more than 6,000 Palestinian rioters engaged in “especially violent” protests on Friday. The rioters threw “a large amount of explosive devices, grenades and firebombs” and damaged parts of the border fence.

Israeli forces also detained two armed Palestinians who crossed the border into Israel.