Netanyahu: We will carry out a major operation against Gaza if necessary

Netanyahu said that if firing from Hamas-ruled Gaza “does not stop for good, in the end there will be a decisive operation.”

By World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would launch a major operation against the Gaza Strip if the attacks do not stop. He make his remarks during a speech on Sunday at the Makor Rishon Economic, Society and Innovation Conference in Jerusalem on Sunday.

“We are dealing with the threat from Gaza, and if necessary we will carry out a major operation to defeat this terrorism once and for all. They received a sample several weeks ago. I do not suggest that they wait for the next portion. It will come if they continue,” the prime minister said.

“There will be no arrangement if the firing does not stop for good. If it does not stop for good, in the end there will be a decisive operation.”

Pressure on Iran

Netanyahu also spoke about Israel’s lead role in the “relentless effort” to put pressure on Iran via sanctions and Israel’s determination to keep Iran from entrenching on its border.

“In effect, we are leading a global effort against Iran that also finds expression in my latest talks with President Trump and President Putin last week, and also with US Secretary of State Pompeo. My first three missions in all such talks are Iran, Iran and Iran,” Netanyahu said.

“We can achieve a historic defensive alliance; I can achieve this. This is what I intend to do – with God’s help – in the coming months. We must work for this with full force. This is a tremendous opportunity,” he said.

Jordan Valley annexation

Netanyahu said Israel faced an opportunity “to apply Israeli law on the Jordan Valley and to do so with international recognition, i.e. American recognition.”

“Just as I wanted American recognition for our sovereignty over the Golan Heights, I want American recognition for our sovereignty over the Jordan Valley. This is important. It has been said that we did not formally discuss the plan; true, it has not yet come up. But the subject has been discussed.

“I have raised it with Secretary of State Pompeo and I intend to raise it before the Trump administration. The time has come to apply Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and to also arrange the status of all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, those within the blocs and those not within the blocs. They will be part of the State of Israel.”

“It has been said to me crudely – ‘Not even one brick’ in Judea and Samaria. I will not begin to describe the pressures, which no Prime Minister of Israel has faced, some of which have been published and some of which have not, but I did not give in. I rejected the pressures.

“The Jewish population in Judea and Samaria has grown – and has doubled. Hundreds of thousands have been added. By the way, we have not expelled anyone and we have not uprooted anyone. This required a great diplomatic effort,” the prime minister said.

Cabinet meeting

Netanyahu touched on similar themes at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday, saying that “the pressure on Iran must be intensified and this is what I call on European countries to do. With or without the European countries Israel will not allow Iran any opportunities to develop nuclear weapons.”

Of Gaza, he said, “I want to make it clear that there will be no regulation if the shootings continue. On the contrary, the terrorists in Gaza will feel even more the reach of our arm. What they absorbed three weeks ago is only a preview. We will continue to do everything to keep Israel safe.”