Netanyahu: ‘Whoever attacks us – his blood is on his head’

“Whoever attacks us – his blood is on his head,” the prime minister said during a briefing of ambassadors in the north. 

By World Israel News Staff

On Thursday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefed ambassadors in the north near where the Israel Defense Forces are operating to expose and destroy Hezbollah tunnels, Israel National News reports.

Netanyahu provided the ambassadors with details on Operation Northern Shield and Hezbollah’s plans to use the tunnels to mount a terrorist invasion into Israel.

“We’re stripping from our enemies their tunnel weapon in a determined and systematic way. We’re doing this to Hamas and Hezbollah. And we’ll operate as necessary. Whoever attacks us – his blood is on his head. Exactly that,” he told the press during the ambassadors’ briefing.

The prime minister stressed to the ambassadors the Iranian connection to Hezbollah, which provided the terror group with the funds necessary to build the sophisticated tunnels, and requested that their countries join in condemning Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran.

The ambassadors were also briefed by Head of Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Yoel Strick, and the Head of the Planning Directorate, Maj.-Gen. Amir Abulafia, INN said.

Ambassadors attending the briefing included those from the European Union, Britain, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ethiopia, Brazil, the Ivory Coast, Mexico, Australia and Canada.

A government source told INN that the purpose of the ambassador briefing was “to receive support and legitimacy for further activities if they become necessary.”

Israel’s efforts to uncover Hezbollah’s terror tunnels have won wide international support, including from the U.S., Russia and the EU.

Israel is even reaching out to the residents of southern Lebanon to explain its position. Haaretz reports that the IDF spokesman’s office published a notice in Arabic, including short films about Hezbollah activities in Shiite villages in the region.

“The Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri stated that Lebanon is obligated to the Security Council Resolution 1701. Go and see what the international resolution says and what’s happening in fact in the region and decide for yourselves: Is Hezbollah is lying to the government of Lebanon and working in the south of Lebanon as if it’s the sovereign,” says one of the films, according to Haaretz.

Another film says every third house in the Shiite villages is a Hezbollah position. “Hezbollah has turned south Lebanon into a terror center under the eyes of the Lebanese government,” the film says.