New blood libel: IDF soldiers drink Palestinian blood, NGO claims

Jewish Voice for Peace posted a vile antisemitic illustration on Instagram, depicting IDF soldiers as blood-thirsty sadists.

By World Israel News Staff

Jewish Voice for Peace went above and beyond its usual anti-Israel propaganda with the posting of a blatantly antisemitic illustration on the popular Instagram social media platform.

The illustration, titled “Independence Day,” shows IDF soldiers drinking the blood of Palestinians they had allegedly murdered, The Jerusalem Post reported.

As described by the Post, “the appendage of a construction vehicle holds up a string of blue and white decorations, which is being cut by a Palestinian boy with scissors. The ground is soaked in blood and strewn with the bodies of Palestinians and uprooted trees.”

The IDF soldiers are shown raising a toast with their blood-filled glasses.

“Truly disgusting. Jewish Voice for Peace posted a cartoon of two Jews drinking blood. In addition to being extremist and anti-Israel, JVP can add antisemitic to its resume,” commented Aviva Klompas, former head of speechwriting at Israel’s mission to the UN.

“Israeli soldiers drinking blood? That is taken directly from antisemitic blood libel stereotypes,” read another comment.

JVP slammed Israel on several issues, the Post noted. They included, for example, the shooting death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, for which JVP joins the Palestinians is blaming Israel although there has been no evidence to support that claim.

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Another image, titled “Ukraine Israel,” shows IDF soldiers stealing the homes of Palestinians and giving them to Ukrainian refugees.

The term ‘blood libel’ refers to the false claim that Jews used the blood of Christian children for ritual purposes, like baking matzoh for Passover. As explained by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “The Nazis made effective use of the blood libel to demonize Jews, with Julius Steicher’s newspaper Der Stürmer making frequent use of ritual murder imagery in its antisemitic propaganda.”

The earliest references to blood libel charges against the Jews can be found in the Hellenistic writings of Apion in the 2nd century BCE, the Holocaust Encyclopedia notes.

The first case of the blood libel in Europe in the Middle Ages occurred in 1144, when the Jews of Norwich, England, were accused of ritual murder after the stabbed body of a young boy was found in the woods