New Iron Dome interceptor successfully tested

Israel’s anti-missile defense gets another upgrade.

A new missile interceptor developed for the Iron Dome defense system was recently successfully tested, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday. The routine tests are part of the anti-rocket system’s ongoing developments and upgrade, the Ministry said.

The tests were held by the Defense Ministry’s Homa Directorate, which oversees the development of Israel’s missile defense systems, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which develops the interceptor.

The interceptor, named Tamir, includes components developed as part of a manufacturing deal signed between Israel and the US in 2014. The US Missile Defense Agency and American defense contractor Raytheon are involved in the development of Iron Dome’s components.

Iron Dome, designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells, is part of Israel’s four-tiered air defense apparatus, including the David’s Sling system, which counters medium-to-long-range rockets and missiles; the Arrow 2 short-and medium-range ballistic missile interceptor; and the Arrow 3 long-range missile interceptor, in the last leg of development.

“We’ve successfully completed a series of complex tests….Together with David’s Sling, this significantly enhances Israel’s air defenses against short and mid-range missiles,” Homa Directorate Director Moshe Patel said.