New law: 3 years prison for desecrating Israeli flag

Israel’s parliament voted in favor of an amendment to a law that will impose harsh punishments, including longer prison time and a steep fine, for individuals who desecrate Israel’s flag.

The amendment to the law pertaining to Israel’s national symbols and anthem was approved on Monday at a majority of 39 Members of Knesset (MK) in favor and 12 opposing.

The new law, presented by MK Nava Boker, set a punishment of a three year prison term instead of one year called for by the old law, and a fine of 58,400 NIS instead of just 300 Liras, a currency no longer used in Israel.

During the vote on the bill, Boker said she sought to stiffen the punishment for offensive behavior toward the flag because “only by effective legislation against the haters of Israel at home and abroad will we be able to maintain Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.”

“It is befitting that the desecration of the state’s flag entail a heavier punishment than the penalty for showing disrespect towards flags of friendly countries,” in Israel, which is also three years in prison, the bill’s text explained.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News