New marketing agency connects pro-Israel brands with influencers who received backlash for supporting Jewish state

Barzel Media aims to counteract these boycotts against those who back the Jewish state.

By Shiryn Ghermezian, The Algemeiner

A new marketing agency based in Tel Aviv that launched on Wednesday was established to help forge new relationships between Jewish and Israeli brands and social media influencers who have faced fallout for supporting Israel following the deadly Oct. 7 terrorist attacks.

Many pro-Israel influencers lost international agency and brand sponsorships for voicing their support for the Jewish state and calling for the release of hundreds of hostages taken by Hamas terrorists during the Oct. 7 attacks in southern Israel.

Barzel Media aims to counteract these boycotts against those who back the Jewish state, connecting Israeli and Jewish-owned brands with pro-Israel content creators and influencers who share the same values and views on Israel.

The agency seeks to bridge the divide between pro-Israel brands and influencers and draws its name from the Hebrew word “barzel,” which means “iron.”

All of the brands that Barzel Media works with also donate a portion of their proceeds to charity.

“Creators should never have to choose between their careers and standing up for Israel,” said Barzel Media founder and CEO Brian Spivak.

“Volunteering at the Influencer Division of the Hostage Families Forum in Tel Aviv, I met with hundreds of content creators who saw deals canceled because of their outspoken support for the hostages and for Israel. Therefore, I decided to create Barzel Media to ensure that the brands and influencers putting themselves on the front-lines of social media to defend Israel will always have the support they need to prosper.”

Bianca Jade, an influencer who has hundreds of thousands of social media followers and works with Barzel Media, was fired from her television hosting job and lost a brand partnership for supporting Israel.

“As a creator who’s always stood for humanitarian, racial, and social justice causes, I felt the need to lend my influence for the victims of Oct. 7,” said Jade.

“And yet, despite breaking sales records for these brands, when I raised my voice for the hostages and hostage families, they immediately dropped me and I lost all my income. I’m so happy Brian founded this agency, and I know that with him I’ll have the freedom to express my values, as well as the ability to promote organizations who share those values, without fear.”

All pro-Israel brands and influencers are invited to reach out to the agency through its website.