Newscaster sues Netanyahu’s son over ‘slanderous’ suggestive comments

Dana Weiss and News 12 are suing Yair Netanyahu over his allegedly slanderous comments intimating that Weiss landed her job in an unscrupulous manner.

By World Israel News Staff

On Tuesday, Israeli network News 12 and one of its lead anchors, Dana Weiss, announced they will file a lawsuit targeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair over online comments they say besmirched Weiss’ reputation.

The defamation suit focuses on the younger Netanyahu’s tweet on Sunday, asking, “Does anyone know how Dana Weiss got such a senior position? … Smart? No.”

“Interesting,” Netanyahu added.

A commenter named Amir Barkol answered the tweet, “It was a job interview. Maybe you should try it for once.”

Netanyahu responded, “Hmmmmm. I don’t know if that’s called a job interview, what happened.”

According to the defamation complaint that Weiss and her employer intend to file, Netanyahu’s comments were “slanderous,” “misogynist,” and rise to the the level of “sexual harassment.”

Weiss has worked as a political commentator at News 12 for years and anchors the Saturday night “Weekend News” broadcast.

Last year, Weiss and Netanyahu tangled over disparaging comments the newscaster made about the prime minister’s son before a visit to the U.S.

Weiss eventually apologized for allegedly calling Netanyahu a “sh**head.”

Netanyahu has been sued on several occasions by figures in the Israeli media and won, along with his family, a NIS 100,000 libel lawsuit over a disparaging Facebook message posted by an Israeli journalist.