Nikki Haley prepares parting shot at Hamas in UN

Ambassador Nikki Haley is building support in the U.N. for a resolution condemning Hamas.

By World Israel News Staff

America’s U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, together with Israeli diplomats, has been working to build support for a U.S.-draft resolution at the world body condemning the Hamas terrorist organization.

In a U.N. first, the resolution will condemn all of Hamas’s terror activities, of which there is a very long list, including rocket attacks, fire kites and balloons, turning civilian resources to terrorist uses, incitement to violence, and terror tunnels.

A draft obtained by Israel National News reads, “The General Assembly reaffirms its steadfast support for the pursuit of true peace, in accordance with the standards of international law, and condemns Hamas for the repeated firing of rockets into Israel due to the incitement to violence and the use of the civilian population.”

The proposal is due to be voted on this weekend or at the start of next week, according to INN, and will demand that Hamas cease all terror, including its riots at the border the launching of incendiary kites and balloons.

Haley’s team is going all-out to win support for the resolution, which doesn’t require a special majority to pass in the General Assembly. Israeli diplomats led by Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon are also lending a hand.

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Danon thanked Haley for her efforts. “The efforts and diplomatic activity to promote the draft resolution condemning Hamas stresses Haley’s steadfast support of Israel,” he said.

Haley won wide praise for her performance as U.N. ambassador. One of her main focuses during her tenure, which ends in January, was on combating  the U.N.’s biased approach against the Jewish State.

Most recently, on Nov. 16, Haley led the U.S. in voting for the first time against an annual U.N. resolution demanding that Israel retreat from the “Occupied Syrian Golan.” The U.S. had abstained in the past.