Nikki Haley signs artillery shell with ‘America loves Israel’

“Don’t listen to what the media says. The majority of Americans are with the people of Israel,” said Nikki Haley.

By World Israel News Staff

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley signed artillery shells on the northern and southern borders of Israel and expressed her deep commitment to Israel’s security during a visit to the Jewish state.

Haley, a Republican who once served as the governor of South Carolina and is rumored to be a possible running mate for Donald Trump, has been touring the country in recent days and meeting with Israeli victims of the October 7th massacres.

During a visit to the Golan Heights on Tuesday, Haley told reporters that the mainstream narrative around American support for Israel is distorted.

“We’re here today in this beautiful spot to really show our solidarity with Israel. What I will tell you is: Don’t listen to what the media says. The majority of Americans are with the people of Israel. This war is personal for Israelis, but this war is personal for Americans,” she said.

“We need Israel to be strong, and the only way Israel will be strong is when America supports Israel completely, unapologetically,” Haley added.

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“There are two things we need to do: We need to make sure we get our hostages home, and we need to make sure that Israel is secure once and for all. And we will always be a friend to you, so stay strong, stay hopeful, keep the faith, and let’s continue to be partners together.”

While on the northern border, Haley signed an artillery shell with the words “Finish them! America loves Israel!”

Haley said that she had previously visited the northern border region in 2017 “with my friend [former Israeli ambassador the UN] Danny Danon and I warned against the strengthening of Hezbollah.”

“I want to say in the clearest way: America stands by Israel. Israel is fighting the enemies of the U.S. today. Don’t stop until you win.”