North Carolina pulls $40 million investment from Unilever due to Ben and Jerry’s Israel boycott

‘We always monitor the need to follow the law going forward.’


The North Carolina law opposing state funds supporting companies which boycott the Jewish state—one of 37 such laws in states across the country—has now enabled new action from one of the state’s top officials.

On Thursday, Dale R. Folwell, North Carolina’s treasurer, announced the state would end its investment of $40 million in Unilever, the parent company of ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s, which has come under criticism in recent years for its policy of banning sales of its products in Judea and Samaria. Folwell further informed state and local agencies that they are not allowed to contract with Unilever or Ben and Jerry’s.

“The events leading up to the divestment of Unilever were avoidable. Unlike others, we never divest based on threats of boycotts. We were hopeful that over the last 12 months that Unilever was going to address the sanctions,” Folwell told JNS. “They were unable to do so. We don’t pick and choose which laws to apply or follow. We always monitor the need to follow the law going forward.”

Folwell added: “Lastly, as tragic as the deadly terrorist attack of October was, the situation with Unilever unfolded months if not years before then.”

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In December, Ben and Jerry’s board chair Anuradha Mittal wrote on social media that “When people are occupied resistance is justified!” She tagged her post with such anti-Israel slogans as “Free Palestine” and “ceasefire now.”