NY hasidic community runs Republican fundraiser one day after Biden pleaded for support

The president reportedly called Hasidic leaders in New York state, asking them to support the Democratic representative in the upcoming congressional election.

By World Israel News Staff

Just a day after President Joe Biden called the Skverer and Vizhnitzer hasidic leaders, urging them to support incumbent Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in the upcoming congressional election, high-ranking members of the hasidic community attended a fundraiser for Assemblyman Mike Lawler, the Republican nominee, Yeshiva World News reported.

The fundraiser included New Square Mayor Izzy Spitzer, Mayor Eli Pinkasowitz, Airmont Deputy Mayor Shimon Moses, Chestnut Ridge Trustee Chaim Ross, Pomona Village Trustee Mendy Lasker and activist Yossi Gestetner, among other prominent community figures, the report said.

Maloney is reportedly facing a tough challenge in this election.

Education and assistance for students, particularly in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools, was a hot topic at the luncheon.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), who is projected to become the House Majority Leader if the Republicans take over the House of Representatives, has said that a top GOP priority in Congress is to pass a Parental Bill of Rights that would block states from regulating what and how parents must teach their children, YWN noted.

On Tuesday, Lawler attended an event in New York City recognizing the #EndJewHatred movement to combat anti-Semitism.

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“The event was put together to recognize the work that we did in passing a resolution on the floor of the Assembly earlier this year to highlight the movement,” Lawler stated on social media.

“In addition, I’m proud of the work I have done opposing the BDS movement, ensuring the holocaust is taught in our schools, and opposing efforts on college campuses to silence pro-Israel voices.

“As we move forward, we need to speak with one voice in opposition to anti-Semitism and the hate crimes that are often associated with it.”