NYC: Orthodox Jewish woman shot in the head – and is saved by her wig

Jewish woman shot in the head in Brooklyn, but escapes injury thanks to her wig.

By World Israel News Staff

An Orthodox Jewish woman in Brooklyn was shot in the head by a gun firing some kind of bead projectiles, but escaped unscathed, police say, thanks to her wig.

The incident occurred in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Saturday night, at approximately 7:20 p.m.

The victim, a 21-year-old Brooklyn woman, was standing at the corner of Ross Street and Bedford Avenue, when a dark-colored car approached her.

A passenger in the rear seat lower the window, pulled out a weapon, and opened fire on the woman.

Projectiles, described by police as some kind of beads, struck the woman in the head. The projectiles struck the woman’s wig, part of traditional Orthodox Jewish attire.

The victim suffered no injuries.

New York City Police say the woman’s wig absorbed the blow of the projectiles, saving her from potential injury.

After the passenger opened fire, the suspects fled the scene.

Saturday’s shooting is the latest violent attack against Orthodox Jewish residents of Brooklyn.

In July, an Orthodox Jewish man was beaten by a pair of assailants in Crown Heights.

There have been numerous attacks recently on visibly Jewish men in New York City, which has seen antisemitic assaults skyrocket over the last year. In a span of one week in May, one man was attacked while walking with his children in Williamsburg, and another was also assaulted in Crown Heights.

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In a third case, a young man was punched by two teenaged assailants while walking on a Flatbush street after he refused to say “Free Palestine.” The two were arrested in June and charged with third-degree assault as a hate crime.