Obama already distancing himself from Biden loss – opinion

This is a kinder, gentler version of his famous “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f___ things up” line.

By Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Magazine

I know that Obama acting as the secret puppeteer behind Biden is a popular theory, but the reality is that…

– Obama pressured Biden to announce he wasn’t running in 2016

– Repeatedly undermined him during the 2020 primaries including getting his own actual candidate, Deval Patrick, whom he thought of as a substitute self, to jump in.

Even when Biden won the nomination, Obama made a point of running him down to party elites to make it clear that if he were to lose, the defeat shouldn’t reflect on him.

– Obama is back to doing it again.

“Obama warns of Trump’s political strengths in private talk with Biden” was the headline of an article in The Washington Post on Wednesday.

Private talks don’t become the headlines of Washington Post stories unless someone at that meeting wanted them to be. After over a decade of this stuff, it’s very clear that person is Obama. If Biden loses then Obama is on record as having “warned him” while forecasting that he might lose. So don’t blame Barry.

This is a kinder, gentler version of his famous “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f___ things up” line.

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According to the article, “Former president Barack Obama, at a private lunch with President Biden earlier this summer, voiced concern about Donald Trump’s political strengths — including an intensely loyal following, a Trump-friendly conservative media ecosystem and a polarized country — underlining his worry that Trump could be a more formidable candidate than many Democrats realize.”

The basic reality about Obama is that he’s a paranoid, thin-skinned, arrogant narcissist. Those aren’t ideal qualities for a puppeteer who has to jump out on stage and announce that he’s not responsible for the puppet who really isn’t anywhere nearly as good as him. And if Biden wins, Obama should get the credit, but if he loses, Obama shouldn’t get any of the blame..

Obama wants everyone to know that he was a unique political talent and that no one else can do what he did. Even before entering the fight, he wants to stake out both positions, publicly campaigning for Biden while privately warning that he might not be up to the job and lose.

But this is what Obama does. He’s jealous and undermines everyone while blowing up his ego to room size. It’s a pathetic performance in this case that shows the party left him in the dust awhile back. Obama did an incredible amount of damage and he’ll do some more in 2024, but he’s no longer the center of attention and he desperately wants to be.