Oct. 7 was deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust

Final death toll from outdoor music festival will likely mark the highest number of Jewish dead from a single incident since Holocaust-era massacres.

By World Israel News Staff

The Hamas incursion into Israel on October 7th, in which at least 800 people in Israel were killed, marks the bloodiest day for Jews since the Holocaust.

While there have been a number of high profile terror attacks that have killed large numbers of Jews in recent decades, such as the 1994 AMIA bombing in Argentina which left some 85 dead, there has not been a mass slaughter on this scale since World War II.

On Saturday, Hamas terrorists streamed across the border from the Gaza Strip and opened fire on Israelis in communities throughout Israel’s southern region.

Some terror cells went house to house in kibbutzim and moshavim (cooperative agricultural communities), slaughtering entire families, while others mowed down residents of the nearby cities of Sderot and Ofakim who were driving in their cars or standing on the street.

According to Hebrew-language media, several border communities reported that 20 percent of their residents had either been killed or were missing and presumably kidnapped to Gaza.

The attack on the Nova Festival, an outdoor rave held near the Gaza border on farmland belonging to Kibbutz Re’im, will likely be enshrined in history as the terror attack with the highest death toll in Israel history.

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Revelers reported that at least 50 terrorists in numerous vehicles, some of which had machine guns mounted in truck beds, surrounded the participants, who were gathered in a large open field.

Survivors reported attempting to flee the scene, with terrorists giving chase and shooting both revelers who were running and those driving away in their vehicles at point blank range.

Although the exact death toll from the attack on the festival still isn’t final, authorities said that at least 260 bodies have been recovered from the event.

The attack on the festival will probably mark the largest and deadliest terror attack against civilians in Israeli history.