Ice Cube, Louis Farrakhan, and anti-Semitism

Rapper Ice Cube’s tweet of a Jewish Star with a black cube at its center should not have been hard to interpret.

By Eunice G. Pollack, Algemeiner

Many newspapers and magazines appear baffled by the rapper Ice Cube’s June 10th tweet of an image of a Jewish Star of David with a Black Cube filling its center.

One suggests that it may be “a Black cube of Saturn.” Another opines that it must be “a reference to occult worship.”

The Daily Beast says that Ice Cube was sharing an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, and that the symbol refers to “a cult of Satan worshipers.”

In fact, the link should have been apparent. Ice Cube has, after all, been open about his attachment to Louis Farrakhan, even congratulating him in a tweet last month on his 87th birthday. This should have eliminated any confusion, because the intimate connection between the Star of David and Satan is a central tenet of the anti-Semitic ideology of the Nation of Islam (NOI), which Farrakhan has headed since 1977.

Although the cross used to be a major symbol of evil for the NOI, under Farrakhan, the Star of David, which he identifies explicitly as the sign of Satan, has replaced the cross as the core symbol of iniquity.

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Farrakhan explains to his massive, rapt audiences that the reason he is compelled to talk so much about the Jews is because, “My job is to pull the cover off of Satan so that he will never deceive you and the people of the world again.”

And he often provides the evidence for his discovery of the Satanic essence of the Jews. Projecting a huge image of the Star of David on a screen, he promises he will “make it plain … Now this Star of David … look at it … six sides … six angles …” — he dramatically counts out and traces each side and each angle. “And each angle in an equilateral triangle is how many degrees?”

Aroused, the audience shouts, “60 degrees!” Farrakhan, now grinning broadly: “Say it loud! Well, you have 6, 6, and 6. So the Bible says, ‘Count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man — 600, 3 score, and 6.’” Thus it is through his close reading of the Book of Revelation that he has been able to discern the real “meaning of the symbol adopted by Jews and Zionists” — the symbol of Satan or the Synagogue of Satan.

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It is crucial to Farrakhan that his audience recognize that it is only the “white Jews” — that is, the “imposter Jews” — who adopted the Star of David as a symbol when they began to falsify the original Torah soon after they received it.

Rejecting and transforming the word of God, they became agents of Satan, even making the Scriptures appear to justify their goal of dominating the world. This is how the “white Jews” created and began “teaching a body of knowledge that would make a devil.”

Indeed, Farrakhan explains, it is the “white Jews,” drawing on their falsified Scriptures, who have made African-Americans into a “nation of devils.” You have been “made by Jews into devils. That’s why they don’t want me to talk,” because he is revealing the truth about them.

That the rapper Ice Cube places a Black Cube at the center of the Star of David symbolizes his alleged entrapment, along with all blacks, within the clutches of the Satanic “white Jews.”

Dr. Eunice G. Pollack (and Dr. Stephen H. Norwood) are co-authors of “White Devils, Satanic Jews: the Nation of Islam from Fard to Farrakhan,” Modern Judaism (May 2020): 137-168.