‘Our mission was to kill,’ Hamas terrorist tells investigators

Hamas terrorist describes slaughter of Israeli civilians, adding that his father would kill him if he knew what he did.

By Mindy Rubenstein, World Israel News

Leaning forward in his chair, hands on his knees, Omar Abu Rusha takes a sip of water as he describes his involvement in the planned attacks on Israel Oct. 7. He’s wearing a Shin Bet prisoner’s uniform, and an Israeli flag stands in the background.

A member of Hamas’s elite Nukhba commando unit, Abu Rusha explained how he and another Hamas terrorist entered a house in the community of Kfar Aza, near the Gaza border, through a window.

Once inside, they heard noises from children coming from a safe room. When the interviewer asks what kind of noises, he says they were crying.

“We shot at the safe room… We shot at the door until we didn’t hear noise anymore,” he said.

“You stopped hearing noise,” said the interviewer. “What does that mean?”

“That they died,” Abu Rusha replied.

“The mission was simply to kill. We weren’t supposed to kidnap. Just kill.”

He added: “[We were told] to kill every person we see and come back.”

The interviewer asked if he was told to make a distinction between men, women, and children. He said he was not.

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“They told us that all the settlers were soldiers…Kill every single one you see.”

He puts a hand on his chest, moves around in his chair. Mentions that they snacked on dates while in the house.

“They told you to kill everyone? The women and the children?” asked the interviewer.

“Yes,” Abu Rusha said.

He described how he and his team, part of a network of some 3,000 terrorists who participated in the massacre, entered Israel that day.

“We got to Kfar Aza. We were inside a jeep. [Our guide] opened the fence on the border of Kfar Aza using an explosive device.”

Soon afterward, Israeli security forces arrived and Abu Rusha and his comrades turned themselves in following another shootout.

The interviewer asked: “Is killing children permitted in Islam?”

“No,” he replied.

“What did the Prophet Mohammed say regarding this?”

“Children are not involved,” said Abu Rusha.

Finally, the interviewer asked him: “Would your mother and father be proud of these actions?”

“They don’t know I’m part of Hamas. If my father sees me, he will shoot me. He will kill me.”

“Why?” the interrogator asked.

“Because of those things [I did],” Abu Rusha replied.