Over 1000 former IAF officers, ex-IDF chief, urge Supreme Court to hamstring Netanyahu gov’t

Former Israel Air Force officers pen letter to Supreme Court chief justice and Attorney General, accusing incoming Netanyahu government of ‘destroying democracy,’ calling for judicial steps to curb new government.

By World Israel News Staff

Over 1,000 former Israel Air Force officers signed onto a letter warning senior members of the Israeli judiciary that Israeli democracy is under threat from the incoming Netanyahu government.

The letter, signed by 1,197 former IAF officers and officials, was sent to the chief justice of the Supreme Court Esther Hayut, Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara, Knesset legal adviser Sagit Afik, and a number of other prominent jurists.

In their letter, the former officers claimed Israeli democracy is under existential threat from the incoming Netanyahu-led government, which is set to be formally presented to the Knesset this Thursday at 11 a.m.

“We were all ready to sacrifice our lives for the country throughout our years as combat pilots. Even after serving in the Air Force, we continued to take part in building the state to the best of our ability,” the former officers wrote. “We come from all levels of society and the political spectrum.”

“But what we all have in common today is the fear that the democratic state of Israel is in danger,” they added, claiming that the destruction of Israeli democracy has already begun.

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“You are the last line of defense, and it is in your hands to stop the process of destroying democracy,” they wrote.

“The State of Israel, which was established as a Jewish and democratic state, will not be able to exist as declared by the Declaration of Independence, if it gives up its identity as a liberal democracy.”

“We expect you to use every tool and law at your disposal, without fear, and do everything you possibly can to stop this disaster for the country.”

The signatories include, among others, former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, former Israel Aerospace Industries president and CEO Major General (Res.) Nimrod Sheffer, former Air Force Deputy Commander Major General (Res.) Ran Goren, former IDF Military Intelligence Directorate chief Amos Yadlin – who ran for Knesset with the Labor Party in 2015 – former Air Force chief Avihu Ben-Nun, and Eitan Ben Eliyahu, who also commanded the Israel Air Force.