PA TV station calls for ‘extermination of evil Jews,’ Israel silent

Official Palestinian Authority TV station broadcasts prayer calling for mass slaughter of Jews.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Israel’s government has not responded to a call for the mass slaughter of Jews broadcast last week through the Palestinian Authority’s offcial TV station nor has it indicated any intention to break diplomatic or security coordination with the entity.

On April 17th, the station featured a Ramadan prayer calling for the mass slaughter of Jews, Palestinian Media Watch reported. In a clip exposed and translated by the watchdog, a Palestinian imam is heard expressing his wish for victory over infidels, including Jews, at a mosque near Ramallah.

“Allah, delight us with the extermination of the evil Jews, O Master of the Universe, and [the extermination] of their hypocritical supporters who have evil in their hearts,” said the imam.

“Grant us victory over the infidels… Allah, delight us with the conquest and liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Allah, make us among the first to enter, the conquerors, the worshippers, and those calling out ‘Allahu Akbar’ inside [the mosque] to You, Master of the Universe.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has said he believes close ties with the PA are critical for Israel’s security and regional stability, repeatedly meeting with Abbas in recent months. His sit-downs with the embattled octogenarian leader, who is wildly unpopular with the Palestinians, sparked backlash from right-wing Israeli politicians, who noted Abbas’ tacit and overt endorsement of terror.

The PA has come under fire from international bodies in recent years for actions that underscore its support for terror and violent jihad.

Former president Donald Trump slashed American funding to the PA during his time in office, partially due to its pay-for-slay policy that rewards the families of imprisoned terrorists with a monthly stipend far more generous than the average wage in PA-controlled areas.

The European Union cut off millions of dollars in funding for the PA’s education system after it refused to remove antisemitic hate from its elementary school textbooks.