Palestinian Arab convert to Judaism rescued from prison, torture at hands of PA

United Hatzalah reports that it helped rescue Samah Zaytun, a Muslim convert to Judaism, who was imprisoned and tortured by the Palestinian Authority. 

By World Israel News Staff

On Thursday, Palestinian Arab Samah Zaytun, who underwent conversion in Israel and changed his name to David Ben Avraham, was released from Halhul prison after being held there since Oct. 8. While in prison Ben Avraham was tortured at the hands of his Palestinian captors.

Ben Avraham was rescued and brought to United Hatzalah of Israel’s headquarters in Jerusalem for initial medical checkups before being taken by a United Hatzalah ambulance team to Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem.

Ben Avraham said after the fact: “I would like to thank the United Hatzalah volunteers and the ambulance staff for the dedicated and courteous care and for the quick evacuation to the hospital.”

Chaim Pereg, a friend of Ben Avraham and one of the leaders of the Jewish community in Hebron, said “After severe torture that he underwent and in a well-orchestrated operation, we rescued David Samah Zaytun from prison and the hands of [Palestinian President] Abu Mazen and the evil clutches of the secret police, from prison, and from the house arrest to which he was thrown after he was kidnapped near the Karmei Tzur Junction on Erev Yom Kippur.”

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Ynet reported that the Palestinian Authority had sent four men to snatch the convert and drive him to Hebron when he put himself at risk by visiting a son in PA-controlled territory the day before Yom Kippur,

Ben Avraham, who is in his 50s, was converted by a private Bnei Brak religious court headed by Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, one of the leaders of Lithuanian ultra-Orthodoxy who passed away last Monday.

During Ben Avraham’s time in prison, Pereg said “As far as I’m concerned, he’s like my son, and I’ll shout to the world to get someone to help him. This man’s grandfather saved 26 Jews during the 1929 riots in Hebron. Now when he’s in danger, we have a historic responsibility to [help] him.”