Palestinian Authority claims Israel to blame for massacres of Israelis

PA’s foreign ministry claims IDF committed the massacre of party-goers at the Supernova music festival.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu excoriated the Palestinian Authority Sunday night, after the PA accused the IDF of committing the massacre of Israeli civilians at a music festival on October 7th.

At least 350 Israelis were slaughtered at the Supernova music festival in southwestern Israel when some three thousand Hamas terrorists invaded on October 7th.

Over 1,200 Israelis, the vast majority of them civilians, were killed during the invasion.

The Palestinian Authority’s foreign ministry, however, claimed over the weekend that Israel, not Hamas, carried out the massacres.

In its statement, the PA claimed that the IDF had activated the “Hannibal Directive,” under which the Israeli military is enabled to use any means necessary to prevent the abduction of its soldiers – including the use of deadly force that endangers the captive soldiers themselves.

“According to Arabic media, a preliminary investigation by the Israel Police indicates that Israeli helicopters bombed the Israeli civilians present at the festival and that the IAF is responsible for the widespread destruction in the region,” the PA claimed.

“The death and destruction in the area, especially those parts of it which were videoed, showed destruction and fires that broke out in several houses because of Israeli bombardment. We demand that all media outlets and international bodies specifically scrutinize Israeli reports.”

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On Sunday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu excoriated the PA for the statement, calling it a “reversal of truth.”

“Today, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah said something utterly preposterous. It denied that it was Hamas that carried out the horrible massacre at the nature festival near Gaza,” Netanyahu said in a video statement.

“It actually accused Israel of carrying out that massacre. This is a complete reversal of truth.”

“Abu Mazen,” Netanyahu continued, referring to the nom de guerre of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas,
“who in the past has denied the existence of the Holocaust, today is denying the existence of the Hamas massacre and that’s unacceptable.”

“My goal is that the day after we destroy Hamas, any future civil administration in Gaza does not deny the massacre, does not educate its children to become terrorists, does not pay for terrorists and does not tell its children that their ultimate goal in life is to see the destruction and dissolution of the State of Israel. That’s not acceptable and that is not the way to achieve peace.”