Palestinian child attacks IDF soldier with knife

The IDF is searching for a child who tried stabbing a soldier in the Ramallah district. 

By: World Israel News

A Palestinian child threw a knife at an IDF soldier at a security crossing in Judea and Samaria, near Ramallah, on Thursday morning.

IDF troops are searching the area for the suspect, who they believe is approximately eight years old.

The European Parliament Budgetary Committee recently voted to freeze over 15 million euros from the Palestinian Authority if they do not remove incitement from their school textbooks.

“The textbooks published by the PA in 2017, which are financed by the EU…contain, across all subjects, numerous examples of violent depictions, hate speech – in particular against Israel – and glorifications of jihad and martyrdom. As has already been pointed out by Parliament in its resolution on the 2016 budget discharge (par. 272), EU-financed teaching and training programs should reflect common values,” the bill states.