Palestinian Islamic Fatwa council bans term ‘Abraham Accords’

Palestinian Islamic leaders issue religious edict banning Muslims from supporting the accords that established peace between Israel and Arab countries.

By World Israel News Staff

The leading Palestinian Islamic religious body issued a ruling on Wednesday condemning the use of the term “Abraham Accords” to refer to the historic agreement signed at the White House last year, The Jerusalem Post reports.

The Abraham Accords is the term given to the first Israel-Arab peace deal in 26 years, starting with Israel and the UAE and then expanding to include Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. Other countries were expected to join according to the Trump administration, which had mediated the treaties, but further agreements have been put at least temporarily on hold with Trump’s loss in the November elections.

The Palestinian Authority expressed violent opposition to the Abraham Accords as it broke its decades-long diplomatic stranglehold on Mideast peace by insisting that no Muslim country negotiate with Israel until the Palestinian problem was solved.

The Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council’s fatwa is the latest manifestation of the PA’s opposition.

The council focused on the accords named after the biblical patriarch Abraham, who is revered as the father of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the three “Abrahamic” faiths.

The Supreme Fatwa council, which is in charge of Islamic religious affairs for the Palestinian territories in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, ruled that naming the normalization the Abraham Accords both attacked the Muslim faith and politicized religion.

The term Abraham Accords is “a form of deception” that “benefits the occupier and constitutes a clear threat to our nation’s causes, first and foremost the Palestinian cause and al-Aqsa Mosque,” the council ruled.

Those behind the use of the term “Abraham Accords” were seeking to “redraw the map of the Middle East in line with the Greater Israel map,” according to the Council, the Post reported.

The council warned that calls to follow the accords and establish peace with Israel “are dangerous and tantamount to apostasy.”