Palestinian Media: Recent storms ravaging US are result of White House displaying rainbow flag

The writer accused Biden, whom he referred to as an “old and elderly” man, of “defending homosexuality, and even sexual perversion.”

By World Israel News Staff

The “bomb cyclone” that hit the U.S. last month was nature’s way of punishing Americans for the White House being lit up with rainbow colors after the signing of the same-sex marriage bill and for President Joe Biden’s “abominable” defense of LGBT people, an op-ed published in the Palestinian Authority’s official daily said.

“Hours after the White House was illuminated with the flag of homosexuality, ‘the North Pole bomb’ as it was termed exploded, and struck all of America’s territory,” Iraqi writer Hadi Jalo Mar’i wrote in the article, published by Al-Hayat Al-Jadida and translated by monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

He accused Biden, whom he referred to as an “old and elderly” man, of defending “defending homosexuality, and even sexual perversion,” and of legislating laws “defending abominable behavior that contradicts the way of nature and appropriate behavior.”

Biden “even appoint[ed] male and female homosexual clerks to positions inside the presidential building,” notes Mar’i.

He went on to assert that “homosexual governments in Europe”, including England, France, and Belgium, were bearing the brunt of their sins and experiencing calamities including freezing temperatures, inflation and even starvation.

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“All we have to do is to wait and see how much nature’s fury will intensify, according to the will of Heaven,” Mar’i wrote.

“We apologize to the homosexuals, the governments, and the organizations that take care of them if we have caused them a blow to morale, as we also have the right to believe in the One and Only [Allah], the Victor, to uphold His laws,and to wait and see what His will is regarding them, and also regarding us. Indeed, we are waiting.”