Palestinian rock-throwers aim at Jewish tourists in Jericho, forcing them out of the city

Blocked by traffic, including a PA ambulance that appeared to be going nowhere, the visitors lay on the floor of the bus to avoid being hit by heavy boulders.

By Atara Beck, World Israel News

A group of about 500 visitors from several cities in Israel experienced Palestinian antisemitism and hatred first-hand when visiting the ancient city of Jericho on Sunday.

Indeed, Jericho is the oldest city in the world, famous for the Battle of Jericho as told in the Book of Joshua and rich in Jewish history. It is now under the administration of the Palestinian Authority, as per the Oslo Accords.

Caption reads: “Settlers stormed the Ain al-Sultan area in Jericho this morning, under the protection of the occupation army.” (Arabic social media)

Most of the tourists were visibly Jewish and arrived on Israeli buses accompanied by the IDF. Word of their arrival spread quickly on Arabic social media, triggering extreme violence.

The visitors cut their visit short due to the serious threat to their lives. At first, they witnessed heavy black smoke caused by burning tires followed by rock attacks at the crowd of mostly Jews standing at the top of Tel Jericho.

Jericho terror

Punctured window of bus carrying Jewish tourists in Jericho, Dec. 25, 2022. (WIN)

As per the orders of the IDF and group leaders to leave the area immediately, they boarded the buses, which showed clear signs of punctured glass from either gunshots or rocks.

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The exit was gradual due to slow-moving traffic – including a PA ambulance that was blocking the way and showed no signs of carrying an emergency passenger.

During that time, everyone was forced to lie on the floor to avoid the heavy rock-throwing amid sounds of gunshots that were likely warning shots from IDF soldiers.

On the way out, three young men could be seen on a rooftop holding rocks, with one of them showing off his arm muscles in what appeared to be a show of victory for forcing the visitors to leave.

Video courtesy @noticias_de_israel