Palestinian terrorist killed in IDF raid

As IDF soldiers were operating in the Palestinian town of A-Ram, just north of Jerusalem, on Wednesday morning, a terrorist apparently tried to ram his car into the soldiers, prompting them to open fire, killing him.

A Palestinian terrorist was killed by IDF forces operating in the Palestinian town of A-Ram, just north of Jerusalem, early Wednesday morning while he was carrying out an apparent vehicular terrorist attack.

An IDF spokesman stated that IDF forces were operating in A-Ram to shut down illegal arms operations. They uncovered a munitions production plant.

At some point, a Palestinian vehicle sped towards the force in an apparent attempt to hit them. The forces shot at the car, killing one man and wounding another. The forces arrested a third passenger.

The wounded man was taken to Hadassah hospital for treatment, where he was said to be in good condition after sustaining a light injury and in the custody of the security forces.

Israel’s security forces have been operating vigorously to stem the production and trafficking of weapons in the Palestinian Authority (PA), which in many cases are used in terror attacks against Israelis.

Israel has seized dozens of weapons, shuttered arms-making factories and arrested weapons dealers in a crackdown in the Palestinian-administered territories in Judea and Samaria in an effort to quell Palestinian violence.

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Col. Roman Gofman, commander of the Gush Etzion brigade, said the crackdown is making it more difficult and expensive for would-be terrorists to carry out attacks with guns.

Gofman said that some 200 guns were seized since the start of the year and that 16 factories forging crude weapons have been closed so far.

There has been some cooperation between the IDF and PA security forces in the struggle against the production and trafficking of weapons in the area, although Gofman did not detail the extent of the collaboration.

The PA has a vested interest in stopping the weapons production, which are also used against their security forces.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News