Palestinian terrorist shot outside Jerusalem’s Old City

The latest in a long string of Palestinian terror attacks ended Monday morning with no Israeli casualties. The terrorist was killed.

A Palestinian terrorist was shot dead by Israel security forces Monday morning as he attempted to stab a security officer outside the Old City’s Lions Gate in Jerusalem.

The victim was wearing a protective vest and was not wounded in the attack.

Initial reports indicate that the terrorist was instructed to halt by police stationed at the gate when he aroused their suspicion because his hand was in his pocket. He responded by assaulting the security forces and was neutralized.

The Lions Gate was also the site of last Wednesday’s terror attack, in which a Palestinian female terrorist stabbed and moderately wounded an Israeli. The victim managed to draw his weapon and shoot the terrorist, who was severely wounded.

Israel’s government announced plans Sunday to call up further security forces to contend with the seemingly endless wave of Palestinian terror.

Also on Sunday, Israel’s police reported that more than 300 Palestinians have been arrested since the violence broke out. Some 70 officers have been wounded by Palestinian terror and riots.