Palestinians attack Saudi TV documentary for ‘normalizing’ Zionism

A Saudi TV station has been criticized for airing a documentary deemed pro-Israel.

By: World Israel News Staff

A Saudi TV station has come under attack by Palestinian elements after its coverage of the Jewish state was deemed pro-Israel.

Al-Arabiya recently aired a two-part documentary on the establishment of the State of Israel from both the Arab and the Israeli perspectives. It was scripted to be free of “ideology or partisanship,” according to the network’s description.

The Palestinian Anti-Normalization Center condemned Al-Arabiya “in the strongest terms,” denouncing the film as “a media Nakba” and charging that it “steps over historical facts and objective truths.”

The Nakba (catastrophe) is how the Palestinians refer to the creation of the Jewish state.

Saudi Arabia and Israel have no formal diplomatic relations, but reports have emerged of covert meetings between Israeli and Saudi officials.

The center warned that this latest incident was “another chain in a normalization series aiming to propagate a counterfeit version of the establishment of the Zionist entity.”

“The history of the Palestinian cause is as clear as daylight. Neither Al-Arabiya TV channel nor any other party will succeed in falsifying history,” the center stated.