Palestinians continue violent riots, airborne arson attacks as Hamas rockets subside

Thousands of Palestinian rioters gathered along the security fence between Israel and Gaza just a day after hundreds of rockets were launched at the Jewish state by Gaza terrorists.

By: and World Israel News Staff

“Approximately 9,000 rioters are gathered along the security fence between Gaza and Israel. They are burning tires and hurling rocks, explosive devices, and firebombs at IDF troops and the security fence,” the IDF Spokesperson Unit announced in a statement on Friday.

The IDF also said that terrorists tried to infiltrate Israel, but the suspects returned to Gaza after the infiltration attempt. Gaza terrorists also hurled a grenade at Israeli troops in the northern Gaza Strip, no troops were injured.

In response to the violent riots, the IDF struck two Hamas posts in the northern Gaza Strip.

The riots on Friday were part of the near weekly “March of Return” protests held since March by Hamas. They also come just a days after hundreds of rockets were fired on Israel by Hamas terrorists.

In addition to Hamas’ standard rioting tactics, terrorists also continued to use airborne incendiary devices to launch arson attacks into Israeli territory.

This included a massive incendiary kite launched from Gaza on Saturday, which got stuck in power lines close to Kibbutz Sufa, reported the Times of Israel.

While Israeli Electric Corporation employers rushed to the scene to disengage the kite from the lines, removing it before a blaze could ignite, the kite succeeded in causing short power outage in the kibbutz.

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Another Gazan airborne incendiary device landed in an Israeli community in the Eshkol Region on Saturday, where police sappers were able to neutralize it.

In response, the IDF targeted an incendiary balloon cell in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, reported the Times, with Palestinian media claiming that two people were injured in the strike.

To date, Palestinian arson terrorists have used kites and balloons carrying incendiary devices to torch thousands of acres of land inside Israeli territory, destroying farmland, ravaging nature preserves, and killing wildlife.