Palestinians in Gaza demonstrate against Hamas 

In the second show of anger within a week, protests took place both in the northern and southern sections of the coastal enclave.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Palestinians in Gaza demonstrated against Hamas Tuesday night, with protests taking place both in the northern and southern sections of the coastal enclave.

In footage shown on X of the protest in the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern section, people can be seen chanting “Shiites, Shiites,” a reference to the branch of Islam espoused by both Hamas and its Iranian patrons. “We need food, we need flour, Sinwar and Haniyeh, stay away from our people, you thieves.”

Ismail Haniyeh is Hamas’ political head, who lives in luxury in Qatar, which has been a major funder of the terror organization for decades. Yahya Sinwar is the head of Gaza who masterminded the October 7 invasion of his terrorists into Israel in which they massacred 1,200 people while committing horrific war crimes, and took 253 hostages back to Gaza.

Israel’s reaction, to go to war to eliminate Hamas so that it could never threaten the country again, has led to mass destruction as Hamas has fought from and placed its weapons, terror tunnels, and rocket launching sites throughout civilian homes, schools, hospitals and mosques in Gaza, turning them into legitimate military targets.

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The poster of the video clip, Mohammed Emad, wrote that the people held empty pots and flipped them over in a show of hunger, “demanding the departure of Hamas and the entry of aid.”

“God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs regarding you, Hamas,” he wrote, adding that “Hamas members” were firing at the demonstrators in Jabalya.

“The reason for our fervor [is that] people are dying of hunger in northern Gaza. The Hamas leadership says this is a victory,” he concluded sarcastically.

A night-time protest, where people burned a small fire in the street, also took place in Rafah, the last remaining city that the IDF has not yet entered in force, which is on the Gazan border with Egypt.

Overall, there have been very few anti-Hamas protests in Gaza, but this is the second show of anger within a week. On Friday night, angry protestors in Rafah had called out their leaders by name.

“Go, go yah Sinwar!” they screamed, and called him an “animal, traitor, collaborator.” They also reserved some of their anger for Hamas leaders who live abroad, saying things like, “Listen Haniyeh, get out of Turkey; listen [Hamas representative in Beirut Osama] Hamdan, leave Lebanon.”

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Haniyeh mostly lives in Qatar, but he maintains at least one residence in Turkey which, like Qatar, refuses to categorize Hamas as a terror organization as does Israel, the U.S., the EU, Canada and other Western nations.