Palestinians riot during demolition of illegal homes

Two municipal workers were injured when thrown by the rioters. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Israeli forces on Monday were attacked by Palestinian rioters while demolishing a number of illegally built structures in the Arab village of al-Walaja, southwest of Jerusalem.

According to Arab reports, Israeli authorities told the residents of four illegal homes on Sunday that a total of 200 square meters would be destroyed.

Dozens of Palestinians rioted while the demolitions took place. Security forces responded with crowd-control means.

Two Jerusalem municipality workers were wounded by rocks thrown by the rioters. One was taken to a doctor, while a female employee in her 50s was evacuated by ambulance to a hospital with injuries to her head and upper body.

Palestinian sources reported that some of the rioters were also injured in the confrontations.

“A court order is being implemented with a house demolition. Border police units are continuing to deal with the disturbances there by local Palestinians,” the police stated.

The village is located south of Jerusalem’s Gilo neighbourhood and is within the municipal boundaries of Israel’s capital.