Parents of young terror victim fight plea bargain with murderers

“How can you free them? Everyone knows that they will go back to terrorism,” the victim’s mother said in a press conference.

By World Israel News Staff

The parents of a teenage victim of terror held a press conference Thursday, bringing attention to plans by state prosecutors to try and reach a plea bargain with the murderers.

In August 2019, Rina Shnerb was murdered a week after her 17th birthday while hiking with her father and brother. Five members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group placed a powerful charge on the trail, which they activated when the three approached.

Rabbi Eitan Shnerb and his son Dvir were injured; Rina died in the hospital.

Speaking from his home in Lod, Rabbi Shnerb told reporters, as translated by Israel National News:

“State officials notified us that they are pursuing a plea bargain with all of Rina’s murderers — not the people who abetted the terrorists or aided them or people who just knew about the plans for the attack,” but with “the murderers themselves…

I am not just standing here as Rina’s father, but on behalf of all of Israel.”

“I personally witnessed Rina’s blood being shed like water. This cannot be allowed to happen,” he said.

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Shira Shnerb, Rina’s mother, said: “Five lowly terrorists watched with binoculars our dear daughter Rina, who was full of grace and kindness, then pressed the button and murdered her. How can you free them? Everyone knows that they will go back to terrorism, just like the terrorists involved in the attacks in the last few weeks.”

“We see them in court being happy, and it’s clear they will continue this way after they are released. We strongly oppose the discourse and deals with the beasts who denied Rina her most basic right, the right to live,” she said, according to The Jewish Press.

After the press conference, the IDF stated:

“Following the investigation of the attack at the ‘Danny’ Spring which killed Rina Shnerb, serious indictments were filed against the terror cell responsible for the attack, and against dozens of other terrorists.

“Actions by security officials led to the dismantling of a deadly terror network.”

“No plea bargain has been made with the members of the terror cell which carried out the attack. The decisions regarding the legal proceedings will be made after the family’s position is received and taken into account.”