Partnership with Mexico Shows Confidence in Israeli Innovation

Israeli and Mexican firms will fund joint R&D projects, including water management, desert agriculture, pharma and medical devices, electronics and communication.

Israel and Mexico signed a cooperation agreement for industrial research and development.

As part of the agreement, Mexico will join the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) at the Israeli Ministry of Economy in a framework of international cooperation to fund joint projects in R&D intended to advance industrial development between both countries.

Under the agreement, signed last week by Israeli Ambassador to Mexico Rodica Radian Gordon, Israeli and Mexican companies will receive assistance in funding joint projects, according to the GPO press release.

The leading fields for cooperation will include water management, desert agriculture, pharma and medical devices, electronics and communication. The agreement will also serve as a framework for all types of technology cooperation.

“We are delighted with Mexico’s vote of confidence in Israel’s economy, industry and innovation, which have long been global brands. Cooperation agreements such as the one signed with Mexico contribute to the Israeli market by creating new jobs, advancing R&D, technological enterprise and more,” said Avi Hasson, the Ministry of Economy’s chief scientist.

“Mexico is one of the world’s largest manufacturers in a variety of fields, comprising an essential part of the country’s economy,” added Rona Kotler Ben Aroya, trade attaché to Mexico.

“Many of its products are intended for the North American market,” Ben Aroya stated. “In an effort to preserve its global competitiveness, the Mexican government has set a goal of advancing research and development in order to streamline and upgrade the manufacturing processes of local companies by implementing advanced technologies in the manufacturing process. The signing of the industrial R&D agreement between Israel and Mexico will help Israeli companies integrate products and advanced technologies with local manufacturers and realize the potential of this market.”

In May 2014, the Israeli cabinet approved a plan to shift focus from Europe to Latin America and Asia. This followed Israel’s newly acquired status three months earlier as an observer in the Pacific Alliance, a Latin-American trade bloc, which, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated at the time, was “an additional step in ensuring the continued growth of the Israeli economy. We are diversifying the State of Israel’s international markets.”

A call will be issued in early 2015 to Israeli and Mexican companies to present joint proposals for parallel funding for R&D projects, the GPO said.

By: Atara Beck, World Israel News (With files from the Government Press Office)