Passover dilemma: Will the left send us into exile? – opinion

Like the ancient Israelites, having lost the law, we are now in the process of losing the land.

By Don Feder, FrontpageMag

At the Seder Friday evening, I thought of a mystery – the remarkable parallels between the Jewish people and the American people, and how the decline of one in Biblical times could presage the decline of the other today.

Jews started as a family (Abraham’s). Then we became a tribe. Genesis says we went down into Egypt at the time of Joseph 70 in number. There we became a nation. At Sinai, we became a people when we accepted the Law.

With the Law, we took possession of the Land and prospered. Then we lost the Law (fidelity to the word of God). Then we lost the Land and spent almost two thousand years in exile before the return.

Americans started as colonists. Many believed that God had led them here, just as the Jews were led to the Promised Land. They came yearning to breathe free air and to practice their religion in peace

They were castoffs of the Old World. Who wanted the Pilgrims and Puritans who settled New England – not the Church of England and the English Crown – or the Quakers in Pennsylvania or the Catholics in Maryland?

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Americans also received a law — not at Sinai, but at Philadelphia – a Constitution based on rights bestowed by our Creator and enunciated in the Declaration of Independence.

That law once served us well. Now, it’s almost gone. One party is dedicated to its total annihilation.

Ketanji Brown Jackson, just confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, says she does not “hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights” (that is to say, God-given rights) – thus disavowing the basis of our government.

Like the ancient Israelites, having lost the law, we are now in the process of losing the land.

Thanks to the president’s open-border policy, at least a million came here illegally last year. That tide included mendicants, career criminals, gang members, terrorists, drug smugglers and other future Democratic voters. Instead of trying to keep them out, the administration resettles them in the interior. Eventually they will overwhelm us.

While our enemies build weapons systems, we have midnight flights (the Biden airlift) and teach our military the proper use of pronouns.

This is complemented by the rapid deterioration of our culture — including the sexual indoctrination of second-graders, “transgenderism” and entertainment (so-called) that puts the cities of the plain to shame. The religious among us are reviled and slandered.

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Perhaps God has already decided to take the land away from us. What will follow won’t be pretty.

Those of diverse faiths must band together to keep it from happening. We must retake our government and cleanse the Temple of the idols erected therein.

We must rebuild our economy based on the principles of justice and reason, instead of robbery and fantasy. Our society must be dedicated to the protection of innocent life. We must confront and overcome the pagans who gather their forces on our campuses, in Hollywood, in our legislatures and in our streets.

We must once again guard our borders and focus on defending our nation from enemies abroad – China, Russia, Iran and international Islam – as well as enemies within.

If not, it won’t be 40 years in the desert but centuries of exile for representative government, what Churchill warned of if Nazism triumphed.  Britain’s wartime leader said the world would “sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”

To celebrate Good Friday and the beginning of Passover, The New York Times ran a guest column urging us, “Let’s Pass Over God,” who — the writer claims — is portrayed in the Book of Exodus as a bloody tyrant and mass murderer. It’s a woke version of the village atheist.

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The Times is the golden calf which the rest of the mainstream media worships obsessively.

It prescription is suicide American-style. The Grey Lady’s repudiation of God fits nicely with the rest of its editorial ideology, which also rejects the Constitution, natural rights, borders (at least America’s), free speech, meritocracy and a military whose focus is deterring aggression.

It symbolizes the elements in our society – the Democrat party, Hollywood, the campus mob, leftist courts and big-tech — which could send all of us into exile.