Photograph of Israeli woman’s corpse paraded by terrorists wins prestigious photojournalism award

Gaza photojournalist employed by AP contributes to the news outlet’s win for Team Picture Story of the Year – with photo of a murdered German-Israeli woman’s half-naked corpse.

By World Israel News Staff

A photograph taken of the mutilated, half-naked corpse of a German-Israeli woman on October 7th by a Gaza photojournalist accompanying Hamas terrorists was among the images selected for a prestigious photography award this week.

The Associated Press took first place in this year’s Pictures of the Year award for the “Team Picture Story of the Year” category.

The winning images were selected by Pictures of the Year International, part of the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the
Missouri School of Journalism.


Ali Mahmud’s photograph of Shani Louk’s mutilated body being driven off by Gaza terrorists. (Instagram)

The organization awarded AP‘s photojournalism department on the basis of ten photographs, presented by Pictures of the Year International in an Instagram post.

The first image selected was captured by Ali Mahmud, a Gaza-based photojournalist working for AP on October 7th.

Embedded with a group of Hamas terrorists, Mahmud took photographs of 22-year-old German-Israeli tattoo artist Shani Louk’s body, after she was murdered during the Gaza invasion of Israel on October 7th.

Louk, who was last seen alive at the Nova music festival outside Re’im in southwestern Israel, was later spotted lying lifeless on the back of a pickup truck, surrounded by armed terrorists.

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It was one of these images that topped the ten photographs by AP which secured the agency’s award.

“Judges recognized the Associated Press as the First Place winner in the Team Picture Story of the Year category for its story ‘Israel and Hamas War,'” Pictures of the Year International wrote.

Last month, Louk’s family filed a lawsuit against The Associated Press for the publication of photographs of Shani’s mangled body, causing anguish to her relatives.

The news agency has also been sued for allegedly ignoring the terrorist ties of some of its photojournalists in Gaza.